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About Us

Dedicated to helping people, dentists, & physicians of the surrounding area.

As the only Board Certified TMJ doctor in a within 100 mile radius, Dr. Dennington has a simple mission: To help your dentist or physician provide you with the best care possible. For this reason he works closely with you and your health care provider, to provide you with exceptional care and optimal results.

Providing relief from head, neck, facial pain, headaches & TMJ pain.

A craniofacial pain/ TMJ specialist is an area of dentistry dealing with one of the most complex joints of the body. This is the only joint in the body designed to come into and out of socket. Since this joint is associated with the most important part of your body, “your head”, and since it is involved with three important activities eating, breathing and speaking, injury or malfunction of this joint can have a plethora of symptoms that are extremely complicated to diagnosis. Fortunately with accurate diagnosis, treatment is quite simple and rarely to never requires surgery.

A philosophy centered around being conservative, comprehensive and thorough.

Ours is a tripartite philosophy.  We believe that careful accurate diagnosis of mechanical issues coupled with treatment of surrounding painful muscles and ligaments, along with treatment of the distant sites and referral sources of pain is crucial to helping our patients return to normal function as quickly as possible, even if they’ve had their pain for years and years and nothing has seemed to help.

Our focus is to provide you with the best orofacial pain and TMJ support possible.

Dr. Dennington has been a general dentist for the past 25 years. His knowledge, skill, and extensive continuing education background have given him unique insight into how a person’s teeth can be utilized to provide support for temporomandibular joints that are in a state of dysfunction. Additionally his background provides insight as to how a person’s “bite” can have an influence on the development of craniofacial pain and temporomandibular dysfunction (TMD). What came first, dysfunction or malocclusion (bad bite), doesn’t matter. Dr. Dennington can help you from either direction.

Comprehensive, clinically excellent TMJ and craniofacial pain disorder treatment.

•  Brand new state of the art facility
•  Digital everything
•  Phonophoresis and Electrical Stimulation
•  Trigger point therapy
•  Conservative care

Assisting & supporting  your dentist and/or healthcare provider through collaboration & communication.

Our goal is to keep everyone in the information loop. Dr. Dennington works closely with your dentist and healthcare provider so that we all can work as a team to give you the best care possible.  Dr. Dennington sends your dentist, doctor(s), and insurance company a detailed report with photos and x-rays the same day of your visit. And he’ll call you healthcare providers when it’s appropriate and welcomes their calls as well.