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Our Staff

Dr. Dennington and his staff

Our Dental Hygenists

Donna (left) and Mary (right) are both graduates of the University of Oklahoma with Bachelor degrees in science. They are both Registered Dental Hygienist’s and each of them have been with the practice for 25 years.

Little know fact about Donna:  She is a competition runner and she loves quilting.

Little know fact about Mary:  She was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Our Clinical Assistants

Diane (left) and Tara (right) have the combined experience of close to 40 years in dentistry.  These two are the right and left hand of the doctor. “Your in good hands with these two”

Little known fact about Diane:  She’s enjoys archery dear hunting.

Little known fact about Tara:  She enjoys wild hog hunting.

Our Administrative Assistants

Lenora (left) and Merry (right) bring 54 years of combined experience in the medical and dental field. Their knowledge and expertise in dealing with insurance companies assures our patients receive the maximum benefits for their claim.

Little know fact about Lenora:  She rides a Harley Sportster 1200.

Little known fact about Merry:  She’s from North Dakota and was a wheat harvester for 16 years .